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Did you know the Library has a page just for you?
The most frequently used Library resources for PhD students can be found in one spot: Resources for Grad Students. This page includes links to our guides on Thesis preparation, Copyright resources, and mobile resources, as well as a link to group study room reservations. See something we missed? Let us know. Email us. Bookmark it!

Who knew? The Library has games to borrow.

The Library has a small but growing collection of board and dice games. They are available on reserve in the Library for a one-day loan.

Occam’s Razor, a card game, was created by two physicians to be both a game and a study aid to challenge diagnostic ability. The game draws on the classic theories of Occam’s razor and Hickam’s dictum, that the simplest explanation is usually correct and that patients can have as many diseases as they please, respectively. According to Nerdcore Medical, the game creators, Occam’s Razor is useful for USMLE Step 2 CS prep. The game features fourteen conditions, from acute appendicitis to septic arthritis.

Also available on reserve are Antidote, Pandemic, and Pandemic: The Cure. For more information on all of these games, see our games guide.

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