Read by QxMD

Reading an article and want to save it for later to share with a colleague? Create a collection with Read by QxMDs Collection feature. Collections can be private or public. 

Here’s how: 

Click on the Save Paper (Star) icon on the article that you want to add to your collection.  

This will take you to the Save to Collection page where you can add the article to a premade, existing, or brand new collection.                        

Click the Back button to save your changes. 

From the homepage, click the Saved Papers tab on the app to see the personal collections you’ve created.   

If you want to share the collection you’ve created – 

From the Saved Papers tab click on a personal collection. Toggle the Make Public switch, which will allow other users to see the collection you’ve created and for you to share it.  

To directly share your collection, press the Share icon at the top-right.  

You will be given a variety of options for sharing. If you want to get the direct link for your collection, go to your email. 

You can send out the email, which includes the link, or you can copy and paste the link to send it to users via other methods.   

Learn more about Read by QxMD.

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